Course Agenda

This two days programme will provide you with:
• Essential presentation skills to ensure that you present like a professional to win more

• Effective meeting techniques to guarantee that your meetings are always conducted

successfully and conclusively
• Winning negotiation skills to increase your business profitability and significantly

improve your performance as a manager

Communication In The Workplace
• What is communication?
• The communication process
• The manager as a communicator
• Formal and informal communications
• Interpersonal communications:
– Presentations
– Meetings
• One to one negotiations
• Barriers to effective communications

Face To Face Communication
• Selection
• Counseling
• Appraisal
• Discipline and grievance
• Preparing, presenting And defending issues using:
• Attitude identification
• Key issue development
• Persuasion skills

Presentation Skills
• Types of presentations

Basic Presentation Techniques
• Collating essential information
• Audience identification and research
• Structuring of essential presentation data
• Selecting the media and presentation aids for maximum impact
• Understanding the effects and consequences of verbal and nonverbal behaviour

The Speaker’s Role
• Developing group behavior
• Delivery techniques
• Involving the techniques
• Managing the unexpected
• Meeting and influencing the response

The Purpose Of Meetings
• How to conduct a productive meeting
• Planning and preparation
• Reaching a decision and gaining commitment

Effective Meetings
The group will discuss:
• Types of meeting they have participated in and identify those they considered

successful and why; and those the considered poor and why
• Types of meetings and their purpose
• Key points for the organization of successful meetings
• Construction of effective meeting groups
• Conducting successful meetings

Key Meeting Skills
• Structuring to win
• Planning
• Controlling the discussion
• Obtaining involvement by all participants
• Gaining commitment
• Handling questions
• Overcoming obstacles
• Notes and their value
• Timing

Negotiation Techniques
Understanding The Process
• What is it all about?
• When is negotiation needed?
• Types of negotiation

Identifying The Wants, Needs And Musts
• Preparing for negotiation
• Conducting negotiations
• Influencing people
• Negotiation skills
• Logic
• Flexibility

Listening And Questioning Techniques
In any form of negotiation the ability to identify potential questioning opportunities and gain commitment by using questioning techniques is the key to success.

Effective Negotiations
• Win/win factors
• Goodwill and rapport
• Successful closures
• Measuring success

Reaching Win/Win Situations
• Identifying your strengths
• Developing a strategy

Barriers To Success – Opportunities And Dangers
• Determining the opposition’s objectives
• Identifying their pressures and limitations
• Counter measures and breaking deadlocks
• Work pressures
• Personalities
• Reputation
• Non-verbal signals