This course will equip you with the essential tools and techniques to manage projects of varying size, content, duration and complexity from beginning to end and achieve successful project outcomes.


  1. Identify your own strengths and weaknesses as a project manager and improve in areas in need of development

  2. Create highly effective project teams and organizational structures aimed to achieve project objectives

  3. Estimate project cost

  4. Prepare a project plan and schedule

  5. Secure project sanction

  6. Manage project risks opportunities

  7. Measure and monitor project progress and cost

  8. Complete a post project appraisal

  9. Manage your future projects more successfully and with confidence

This course is designed for you who wants to enhance your project management skills and to be able to work effectively within your project management teams. It is suitable for Project Managers, Project Supervisors and Project Personnel from a variety of disciplines including engineering, construction, maintenance and information technology.


  1. What is a Project ?

  2. Ingredients of Successful Project

  3. The Role of the Project Manager

  4. Project Management Team- Organization Maturity

  5. Essential Project Management Skills

  6. Top Notch Project Execution Plan

  7. Project Scope definition

  8. Real Project Planning & Scheduling

  9. Cost Estimating & Forecasting with Confidence

  10. Managing Project Risks & Opportunities

  11. Successful Project Engineering & Design

  12. Effective Procurement & Contracting Strategy

  13. Safe & Timely Construction

  14. Reliable Project Commissioning, Start-up & Operation

  15. Project HSE Reviews

  16. Project Human Resources: Competency, Selection,

  17. Development and Retainment

  18. Community Management during Project Execution

  19. Sustainable Post Project Appraisals