Course Description:
“This course takes delegates through the skills required to deal with conflict in the workplace, whether between individuals or groups of people.
Much of the focus is put on how we react to and behave in conflict situations and how this willimpact on others. Particular emphasis is put on how conflict may be dealt with at early stagesbefore it reaches crisis point, employing such skills as assertiveness, negotiation and mediation.

Learning objectives
Develop a deeper understanding of the true nature of conflict – the upside as well as the down
Explore our own relationship with conflict and how it can impact on performance
Recognise the triggers for and causes of conflict
Identify how conflict can escalate and looking at ways of nipping it in the bud
Use conflict resolution tools such as assertiveness, negotiation and mediation.

Course content

The word getting conflict in perspective
How do we feel around conflict?
The positive aspects of conflict and its place in the workplace
Why people rub each other up the wrong way
The three main triggers for conflict
The conflict escalation model
What stops us dealing with conflict effectively
Assertiveness as a first step – defining assertiveness
Using Non Violent Communication?? (NVC ) methodologies to move through the apparent conflict
Listening as a conflict resolution tool
Building understanding and empathy through effective open communication
Reframing and constructive summaries
The role and importance of attitude and behaviour
The value of self-awareness
Conflict resolution styles
Using assertiveness to nip conflicts in the bud
Negotiating for ??all win?? outcomes
Beyond positions to underlying interests
Mapping the conflict in order to identify underlying needs and concerns
Building on common ground
The skills and qualities of a successful mediator
When to mediate – when not to
Setting up and running a mediation session.