The major focus of this technical writing course is the technical report. The early, short assignment involving instructions or descriptions and the like give you practice using headings, lists, notices, and graphics; in handling numbers and abbreviations; and of course in producing good, clear, well-organized writing


  1. Review sample technical writings, correct errors and establish critical standards for technical writing

  2. Use various techniques for communicating technical information to non-technical readers

  3. Edit preliminary drafts of technical documents for clarity, economy, and emphasis

  4. Use appropriate graphic devices to enhance report readability and facilitate easy access and retrieval of information

  5. Evaluate and test readability

  6. Evaluate organization, paragraph structure, and critical format elements of technical reports to enhance easy use and retrieval of information

Engineers, scientists, planners, administrators or other professionals who write or edit technical reports. It will help you develop planning, engineering, research, environmental, and other technical reports


  1. Understand the type of technical report you are writing

  2. Reporting Research Findings

  3. Simple Technical Information Report

  4. Technical Specications

  5. Technical Evaluation Reports

  6. Technical Recomendation Reports

  7. Technical Manual and Instructions

  8. Write down your specific aim

  9. Keep Technical term to a minimum

  10. Use example and ilustrations

  11. Use diagrams, flowcharts and graphs

  12. Use good layout to draw attention to key technical information

  13. Test your document with intended readers.